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About us

The owner of the conference is Ovddos

Ovddos wants to create arenas for Sami business development and in the long term  contribute to strengthening the ability to innovate and create a robust business community in Sápmi  

To achieve this, we have chosen two perspectives

1. Create an arena for young entrepreneurs for an entrepreneurship  "bootcamp"  called "Sápmi Business Hackathon" where one through Design  The thinking method will develop new business ideas under the theme:  "Develop a sustainable business idea with  starting point of Sami  values and resources "


Arranged  in March 2022 - 21.-22.3.2022 in Kautokeino

2. Arrange a Sápmi Business Conference that inspires Sami  companies and entrepreneurs to grow and develop new and better products and  services, sales methods, processes and organizations. We wish to  Create a magical arena in the heart of Sápmi, in the middle of the Arctic  the tundra, but a unique combination of people, knowledge and  experiences that are embraced by security and openness.


Arranged in March 2022 - 22.-24.3.2022 in Kautokeino

To these events we will invite leaders, decision makers  entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to a joint charity event for Sápmi. Through  global experience, we will create local Sami sustainable development from a  indigenous perspective.
By creating an arena to meet, identify and develop innovative
  business opportunities, new business relationships will emerge and the network will be expanded.  


The global Covid-19 crisis  hit the whole  business. During 2020 learned  we us to think new and through  digitization, we learned how to  meet virtually . In 2022, we hope that the world looks different and that we  can finally create a physical meeting place where people and opportunities  meet in a community.

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 Ovddos AS

A Sami competence company

Ovddos is a competence company that works with restructuring programs in Kautokeino municipality. Ovddos supports and initiates measures with the aim of strengthening and increasing the interaction between business and society. Ovddos' main goals are to develop and secure jobs, increase the resilience of the business community and increase the ability to innovate and develop in society.

Kautokeino municipality has initiated a restructuring program in 2019 that lasts  2025. During the transition period,  Kautokeino they solve  the societal challenges that  society stands in by creating more new ones  sustainable jobs,  ensure  existing jobs, increase  robustness in business and increase
the ability to innovate and develop in
  society.  The restructuring organization Ovddos  leads the restructuring work  through helping to support and  initiate projects. The program must also contribute to a robust  business and a society that is  more  adaptable, attractive and sustainable. A robust business community  characterized by a high degree of  interaction, proper competence and  high innovation ability. Trust is
a cornerstone for good interaction and arenas where one meets are tools to
  create trust. In the restructuring project, we will create synergies from the good work we do  has begun in the heart of Sápmi. In the feasibility study, there was agreement  about  that  Kautokeino will be a pilot area for interaction for the all-Sami  business development, by establishing an interaction arena for Sami business and  social development. The project is anchored through the feasibility study as the restructuring organization

Ovddos As launched in June 2020. The aim of the feasibility study was to investigate whether there is a need to establish a business conference for the Sami community in March 2022 in Kautokeino, as well as a pilot event in the autumn of 2021. It became clear  that they are a need for an interaction arena for Sami business and  social development. Sami business actors, decision-makers and R&D environments do not have natural cross-border arenas for collaboration.

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